Wedding Ceremony

Having a Celebrant-led Wedding Ceremony means you have complete flexibility over your venue – any time, anywhere. A Celebrant offers you the chance to have your wedding in the location that is your perfect fit, choose from a beautiful park, a stately home, or your own garden. You no longer have to search purely for wedding venues that are licensed; the options are endless with a Celebrant, so why not pick your favourite restaurant, farm, or beach.

We will get to know each other as I help you to plan your wedding and your ceremony will be exclusively written to suit your style. Your bespoke ceremony can be as light-hearted, or traditional, formal or simple as you both wish and I always ensure it is a unique reflection of you as a couple.

The Formalities

When you opt for a celebrant-led wedding ceremony, bear in mind that, in order for your marriage to be legally recognised, you will need to make an appointment with the Register Office. Local Registrars will conduct a short civil ceremony that costs around £100 (do check, as many offices vary their fees), when you will make a short Declaration and Marriage Contract, in front of two witnesses. You can give notice of your marriage up to 12 months beforehand.

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